Tuesday, November 10, 2009

its been too long

Hank informed me today that it had been a month since our last post. I confess that I've been putting off posts until I could announce that we are pregnant! I'm 10 weeks today and feeling very blessed. Please pray with us for the safety of our child due June 9, 2010.

It has been such an incredible fall. I am constantly encouraged by the wonderful girls that I meet with. To watch God work in their hearts and lives makes my job feel so purposeful. I met with a girl today that is the President of one of the wildest sororities on campus. She has a heart for the Lord and for the girls in her sorority. She is reaching out to some of the girls that have been called to standards and inviting them to our Crusade meetings. We talked today about trying to start a bible study with some of them next semester. She is in an area on campus that I could never get to! Praise the Lord that she is willing to reach out to these girls.

I'm ready for Thanksgiving break! We have a staff conference in Birmingham and then we'll be headed to North Carolina for the week of Thanksgiving. Bring on sleeping in, good food (that I don't have to cook) and relaxing time with family!