Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Be at rest, O my soul"

"Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the LORD has been good to you." This verse from Psalms has been playing in my head for the past couple of months. We are in transition. Its a long story, but Hank needs more physical activity in his job which is taking us away from Auburn. I thought we'd be here for a couple of years. We bought a house, had a baby, put pictures up on our walls. In our books, this is bad timing and a little crazy! But, I have to keep on reminding myself that God is in it and His timing is perfect.

so, this is where we are headed...

We are going to stay with Crusade, but will be joining a team at the University of Virginia with a college ministry called Lifelines. Lifelines is on six college campuses right now and uses the outdoors to help people grow in relationship with God, in relationships with each other, in character, and in leadership. We will be trained on the team at UVA with the hopes that we will start a Lifelines ministry in the future (a little farther south)!

Our culture is changing in that students are less likely to show up to a weekly meeting or Christian gatherings. Lifelines allows us to still focus on college students but minister to them in a way that is non-threatening and meets them where they are.

We are sad to be leaving Auburn, but we know that this is what God has called us to. I admit, I'm overwhelmed but I know that we are going to be ok:)

On another note, we've been loving the cooler weather! Every day, I try to get us out for a walk or just hanging out in the yard.