Sunday, September 25, 2011


I grew up with two brothers, so you would think that I would have been prepared/informed about little boys. Sometimes I just have to stop and stare at Henry in amazement as I realize just how differently we were created. I saw a link on facebook that said this

and thought "what a true statement!" Henry is definitely a dirt loving, noise making, active machine! I took a few pictures yesterday of some of Henry's favorite things to do inside (of course this doesn't even touch on the stick eating, playing in the dirt, etc. that are outside)!

I have however, decided that I want to encourage his loud, adventurous spirit and truly give him the freedom to be a boy. Hank and I have been reading Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys and I would HIGHLY recommend it. Anyone else have a good "boy" book?!

I'm so thankful for this little boy and look forward to experiencing his physical, emotional, and spiritual grow!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Some of our best friends, Kim and Nathan came to see us this weekend. It is such an encouragement when we have visitors! Because we now live so far away from most of our friends, it is especially refreshing to see familiar faces. They were such adventurous guests, and packed in way more than most people would in the (less than) 48 hours that they were here. We discovered a really neat apple/peach orchard on Saturday, and it was awesome! Food, wine tasting, and picking your own apples are a few things that Carter Mountain Orchard provides! Henry LOVED it, so we will definitely be frequent visitors;)

Watching the Auburn game on the computer