Friday, April 12, 2013

quick random update

I can't believe we are almost halfway through April! Have a mentioned that my ENTIRE family is moving within 6 months of each other? My Dad and Mom have moved to Montgomery, AL, so we headed down there for Easter.

While we were there, Henry learned how to play t-ball

Catherine is 10 months old and is in to everything. She's pretty fast on all fours and everything she discovers while she's down there goes in her mouth! She is pulling up a lot and I think she'll walk before Henry did at 15 months. 

Henry is going to be turning three in June and we have been potty training for the last week. I have nothing cute, funny, or creative to say about this endeavor (however, my friend Elizabeth does)! There are just no words as to what kind of battles are going on over at our house. 
He talks all the time, loves being outdoors, reading books, and making his little sister laugh!