Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Spring is in the air and boy has it made a huge difference in my attitude toward life in general. The Lord has also given me the gift of a neighbor/friend which has helped too:)

This past weekend, we had fun hosting our good friends, Katherine and Robert from Auburn. On Saturday, we decided to take a tour on campus to learn a little more about the history of UVA.

In case you didn't know, Thomas Jefferson founded UVA . Here is a small clip about him from Wikipedia. It's so interesting how the roots of being a university free of "religious involvement" has such an impact on a school 150+ years later.....

“After his political career, Jefferson focused on creating a university free of religious involvement, offering courses in many new areas not offered elsewhere. This would help create a more organized society, where some schools would be paid for by the general public, for the benefit of poorer Americans.

The University of Virginia was founded opened in 1825, and was Jefferson’s project. It was notable for being centered about a library rather than a church.”

Hank is LOVING his job working for Crusade's outdoor ministry, Lifelines! We are so thankful for that and the privilege of ministering to the students of UVA.