Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2nd Anniversary

Today is our second anniversary! I've been reminiscing about that weekend (the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids luncheon, how it was the hottest day of the year). I count it a blessing that the Lord has allowed me to be married to Hank for two years. This is why..

* Hank is perfect for me! He really balances me out well.
* He is a follower of Christ. Our marriage is based on our relationship with the Lord.
* I'm thankful that we both have a desire to be in ministry full time. I can't wait to have his guys over for dinner and experience his ministry in our home.
* Hank is a ton of fun! He makes me laugh when I really need to.
* He doesn't take life as seriously as I do (which is a good thing).
* Hank is a great provider. I'm so thankful that he sees that as his job in support raising.

There are so many marriages that we look up to, and one of those is my parents whom share the same anniversary! Happy Anniversary, Dad and Mom!


Dena said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Beth Peele said...

So glad you have a blog I can now follow. Love you friend!

Beth Peele said...

also, I feel like we should do our weddings over so we can be in each others:)