Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sorority Presidents

Last night, Elizabeth and I went to a bible study that the Panhellenic president (a student in our ministry) started for sorority presidents. It was such a great example of a student taking the position where God has put her and starting a small group study. She gets our vision! Each of these presidents have influence over at least 200+ girls in their respective sororities. Because of their position, their influence in girl's lives in incredible! We were given a chance to talk and to offer different ways that we could help start spiritual movements in their sororities.

Campus Crusade is praying that this fall, we will get into every fraternity and sorority pledge class and share the gospel. We do this by giving a talk on time management and sharing our testimonies, talking on womanhood, myths about freshmen year, etc. Basically getting them to think about their spiritual life now instead of a waiting until years down the road. A lot of times the habits that freshmen have and the people that they are now is who they will be in ten years. Many freshmen believe that they can do whatever they want and it won't affect them in future years to come. Please pray with us as we are talking to so many freshmen in the following months!

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Beth Peele said...

Wow Anna! That's amazing. I will be praying for this opportunity for y'all!