Sunday, September 5, 2010

Henry's baptism

Henry was baptized today! We were blessed to be able to have my parents (dad did the baptism) and Hank's dad with us for the weekend.

Henry also had a great time watching football with Grandaddy,

reading with Gigi,

and hanging out with Pop.

Henry's first and last time to wear a gown. Mom got his name and date sewn on the bottom in cream as well as a cream cross at the top. I'd like to pass it down throughout the years.

I'm way behind in posts, but Hank turned 30 and I'd hate to not at least acknowledge it through a picture or two:) We were actually able to celebrate with friends on the 24th and 25th! I made Hank's grandmother, G's dirt cake (his favorite)!


oliver and katie thompson said...

happy baptism day, henry! we love you! i must say, he shares a striking resemblance with his grandaddy in that pic :) i'm surprised he didn't have him a TN outfit! c'mon, henry...i know you live in auburn, but your grandaddy must have his grandsons be TN fans!

David, Meri, Holland + Jackson said...

Such a special day for your sweet family! Miss you guys. Please give Henry a kiss from us (one more from me!) and tell him we love him! Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

jj said...

Happy Birthday Hank!!! Henry just looks awesome with that hair. I HAVE to meet him very soon! love you!

Design A-Peele said...

such a sweet time for y'all! Love you friend and am missing you!

Dena said...

Happy Baptism day, I love the gown!! And happy late Birthday to Hank. Hope we get to see you guys soon!!

Kyle and Jessica Hoover said...

MAN! Dirt Cake - I might snag that idea and have it for my 30th too - except it may be made with real dirt in Africa?! Love you both.

Kyle and Jessica