Friday, February 11, 2011

well, wouldn't you know

Hank and I are not "pet people." I have a greater tolerance/appreciation of OTHER peoples pets than Hank, but that still isn't saying much. Well, wouldn't you know that Henry is drawn towards anything that is harry and on four legs. Rigby (my Mom and Dad's dog) was such a trouper last week. For the most part, anywhere Rigby was, Henry was army crawling as fast as he could towards her. Surely this is just a stage, right? If this keeps up, I'm afraid that our hand will someday be forced to buy one of these (dogs that is).


Katie said...

aw! so adorable! it's funny b/c i was actually thinking of asking your parents if rigby could come stay with us for a few days so griffin could spend some time with her. he is absolutely fixated on animals right now, especially birds and dogs. hey, you guys could borrow rigby too, and she could just be the dog that travels around to different family members' homes! :)

Mary Frances Stanford said...

Oh my goodness Anna! H is so handsome! Every time I see his little face, I just think of you! Sweet Anna Lynn has not been around animals yet, but our zoo is so enticing. Once the weather warms up, I'm sure we'll be there! How are ya'll? I know there are lots of new adventures happening up there! Praying for you

Dena said...

Haha!! That is awesome!