Sunday, September 25, 2011


I grew up with two brothers, so you would think that I would have been prepared/informed about little boys. Sometimes I just have to stop and stare at Henry in amazement as I realize just how differently we were created. I saw a link on facebook that said this

and thought "what a true statement!" Henry is definitely a dirt loving, noise making, active machine! I took a few pictures yesterday of some of Henry's favorite things to do inside (of course this doesn't even touch on the stick eating, playing in the dirt, etc. that are outside)!

I have however, decided that I want to encourage his loud, adventurous spirit and truly give him the freedom to be a boy. Hank and I have been reading Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys and I would HIGHLY recommend it. Anyone else have a good "boy" book?!

I'm so thankful for this little boy and look forward to experiencing his physical, emotional, and spiritual grow!


LB said...

thanks for the recommendation--I am going to have to get that one from Amazon. I can always use guidance when it comes to parenting--boys or girls.

Dena said...

So cute! Want to read that book!

The Blockers said...

I read Your Boy by Vicki Courtney and it is really good! I've also got her book 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Son. Hadn't read it yet, but I'm sure it will be good. She is a Christian author. I'm interested in reading the book you recommended.