Sunday, January 8, 2012

Geaux Tigers!

We've had a week to detox from Christmas/New years, and it has been surprisingly warm! The darkness of winter is hard on me, so I've been seeing this week as a complete blessing from the Lord. We even got out yesterday for a bike ride (which we normally would not have been able to in January without freezing) and was reminded again why we don't bike ride often! Ha, it is so hilly here, that I was exhausted only after going a little while. Well, at least we tried! We want Henry to grow up in an active home, so we might have to be a little more creative with our outings, or I might just have to get into better shape:)

We have some students coming over tonight for the National Championship. I've missed having consistent interaction with students, so it will be a good way to get to know some new people and hang out. We've having chili, but maybe Cajun would have been more appropriate! Geaux Tigers!

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