Saturday, August 25, 2012


Isn't it amazing what you'll do for your kids to sleep? Two nights ago, we blended a smoothy outside on the porch and last week bathed 35 pound Henry in the kitchen sink (the bathroom with the tub is right next to Catherine's room). Sleep is something we're getting more of these days, and I'm thankful. I won't tell you just how incredible our 10 week old is sleeping, b/c I am well aware that it can change within a matter of days;)
On another note, Hank turned 32 today! One of his love languages is food (yep that is the sixth love language that didn't get included in Gary Chapman's book, "The Five Love Languages"). Therefore, today is a day of his own choosing for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cake. Plus, one of my gifts to him is going to be cooking Paleo for a week. He's been wanting me to do that for a while and it just takes a lot of energy that I don't have to plan out meals according to that diet! Sometimes I feel like a gift of time is more precious/hard for me to give then something that costs money.
I'm super thankful for this man and pray that we can celebrate many more of his birthdays to come!


Dena said...

Love the bath in the sink, haha!!

Spencer and Emily said...

so glad you're getting sleep! Aimee gave us 8 hours last night, but that's def not an every night thing yet. Is Catherine making it through the night?

Beth said...

happy birthday hank! thinking of you guys as you continue to adjust. :)