Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our greatest need and random pictures

I watched the whole thing. Henry (mad) pushed his toy lawn mover across the floor straight into Catherine's head. Screaming, tears, and eventually a two year old apology followed.
In the scheme of things (or even our day), it really wasn't a big deal. But, I saw the anger in my son's eyes and his desire to hurt something, someone. And there it simply was... sin. I was overwhelmed with the realization that Henry was just like me and you. He needs Jesus. As a parent, I have the responsibility to train him how to have self-control and not act out those raw feelings, but the Holy Spirit (I pray) will more importantly change his heart. I love this kid and need wisdom in how to raise him to love the Lord (and his sister)!
Catherine at 4 months (17 pounds, 25 inches)


JJ said...

Anna! I am extremely bad about reading blogs anymore - much less posting on my own. I miss you so much. I know you are doing a great job as a mom. I hope we can catch up soon one day! I love you!

The Stewarts said...

always love your blogs anna!!!
i read once that sometimes difficult children have an easier time seeing their need for Christ, because they are very aware from such a young age that they are sinners. We found that to be true with our own. She asked Jesus into her heart at a young age and once the Holy spirit entered her little heart she had a complete personality change!! She has been a complete joy to parent the last year and a half.
it's really hard having a 2 year old and a baby...and it's hard work wagging those babies to church and teaching them about Christ. But you're doing such a great job!!!

scott and cat said...

i swear, anna. i feel like i am reading my own thoughts every time i read yours. like you've said, it keeps us dependent on him. perhaps that's the best place to be. hard and good. that's exactly where i am!