Saturday, January 12, 2013

Moving... again!

We're excited to officially say that we are moving to Clemson, SC to work Lifelines (Cru)! Our time of training is coming to a close at UVA. We think it is going to be a great fit. I'm thrilled to be farther south;) Our kids had the flu this week so we did a crazy 36 hour house hunting trip down the Clemson. We figured if they needed to rest, then they might as well rest in the car. After barely surviving (literally) the trip, I'm not quite sure that was great logic. However, God provided a house to rent, so we are grateful to be able to move February 15th. This is truly when I wish that we worked for a company that would send movers to come and pack up our house. I think we are going to need every day of the next month to get ready.

I never said anything about Christmas! It was a whirlwind (four cities in 10 days)! Despite all of the traveling, it was pretty restful. The kids' favorite gifts were cowboy boots, a guitar, and a baby doll.  

Catherine's baptism (Dad officiated) 

Catherine turned 7 months yesterday and was weighed today at the doctor's (18 pounds 9 ounces). She  has been one sick little girl the past week and a half:( She can now sit alone better and is still loving that thumb! 


The Brannens said...

Just the other day I started to wonder if moving to Athens was still an option for y'all. I guess the Lord had plans for you to move to Clemson instead of Athens. Hope all goes well and that moving with two little ones goes as smoothly as possible!

The Stewarts said...

yay anna!!! hope that everyone in your house is feeling better! we went to table rock state park this past fall and had a blast. maybe we can do it again and catch up with you guys. lots of love and happy moving!