Monday, March 18, 2013

The "S" word

Nope, not THAT "S" word! Support....

Everyone has their own set of things in life that keeps them trusting the Lord, depending on Him, and reminds them that they are not in control. Our major one right now is support. For those of you that don't know, CRU is a support based ministry. That means that there are no central funds. It's amazing how it all works. There are 26,000 people who work for CRU and all of them raise their own support... even the president, Steve Douglas. Salary, benefits, ministry expenses, it all is raised. Do you know what is cool about that? When people come along side of us financially, they are literally our ministry partners. They have just as much of a role reaching students for Christ as we do!

Confession though...

Staff friends, Elizabeth and Katherine from our team in Auburn 2009 (pre kids for all of us).Who's that skinnier well rested girl on the right?! 

Auburn students at the Atlanta Christmas Conference
I don't revel in having ministry partners all the time. I even believe the lie that if we weren't on support that things would be easier. My faith can be so small. In one breath I can tell amazing stories in how the Lord has provided for us over the past 5 1/2 years, and in the same breath I could tell you about the anxiety and fear that creeps into my heart when it comes to finances. It is not always like this, but we naturally go through seasons where it is more on our minds and hearts.

UVA leadership students

UVA team our first year
I was asked recently if this was really what we were supposed to be doing. Believe me, we have asked ourselves that question countless times!! But, it comes down to this. We love Jesus, we love college students, and He has called us to this ministry. And you know what... If it wasn't support, we fully believe that there would be something else that the Lord would allow so that we would depend on Him! Oh how I long to faithfully trust Him!

Vision trip to Clemson
*Support is not the only thing that we have to trust the Lord with (I could ramble off several more things). Just keeping it real:)

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