Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the first of many to come?

Its begun. Henry chipped his tooth last night, and I can only imagine that this little "injury" is the first of many. We were thankful to get into a dentist this afternoon where we found out that the nerve was not damaged (whew). However, we are going to need to take him to a pediatric dentist to see if he can do anything about the sharp edges now on the tooth. Tonight Henry fell again and hurt his lip with that tooth (which is what we were afraid of happening), so we're thinking we need to go on and try to get it taken care of! So thankful that this isn't a big deal, but wondering how or if they can get him to sit still long enough to fix it:)


Dena said...

Poor little guy!!

Sarah said...

Oh yah- Elliott's looks a lot worse than that. You wont even see it in a week or two! :)

The Brannens said...

Oh, dear. I bet that was scary for mommy and baby.