Sunday, November 13, 2011

where did October go?

I realize that it is the middle of November and it's a little late to be asking that question. I'm slowing coming out of the first trimester hole, and am a little shocked that Thanksgiving is NEXT week. Yep, you read that right, we are pregnant again (yay!!) We started it off with Henry and I getting a stomach virus which then lead straight into morning sickness. Hank has been awesome and has served us well, but I'm ready to get back to "normal!" All I know is that things are a lot different this time around. I have plans to be in my pregnancy jeans WAY earlier than last time not because they are super comfy but because I'm going to NEED to! I guess your body just knows what to do?

We are currently at a Crusade staff conference in Alexandria, VA. (currently, Hank is at the conference and I'm in our hotel room while Henry sleeps) I've never been here, so I'm looking forward to seeing some of the city during our free time. We're then headed to Greenville, NC and Raleigh to celebrate Thanksgiving with Hank's family.

Here are a few pictures of Henry the past month. We were able to see my dear friend, Dena on Halloween. Her cute son Luke (the lion) and Henry had a fun time roaming around in their costumes.

We've been letting Henry play outside in the morning with his Pj s on, which he certainly doesn't mind one bit!


LB said...

hey, I am so excited for you!! Yay for a new baby, and yay for first trimester being over (?, depending on how many weeks you are I guess). Just wanted to comment and say, that I showed super, super early with John, and the midwife told me that it is how it goes. Our body just goes back to that shape more quickly with subsequent pregnancies. My stomach was actually a bit smaller at the end, but I was in maternity clothes super, super early.

Emily said...

Love all of these pictures! Can't wait for Uzzell baby #2...will be praying for you guys!