Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CLU, a birthday, and Father's day

Catherine Louise is here as of Monday the 11th at 8:10 p.m.! I love being induced. I think that it is so great to take a shower, pack, and have things set at home. It was so different this time around having another child to think about! That was just about the only thing that was different about that day though. Can we say deja vu? HTU and CLU 's birth stories are very similar and when we saw Catherine, it was almost Henry all over again (minus two pounds and 2.5 inches).
Henry is very interested in "Caffrine" and has already asked "where her weenie go?" Oh dear, so glad he is too young to have to get into all of that right now. Thank you mom and dad for coming for so long, taking care of Henry for three (i'm sure very long days), and for loving us so well during this big transition. I told a friend the other day that I feel like I can do this two kid thing as long as I never had to be anywhere, shower, cook, or clean;) A week later, Henry celebrated his 2nd birthday! I confess there was not much to it, but we were able to celebrate with mom and dad before they left. And of course yesterday was Father's day. I'm incredibly thankful for my heavenly Father, wonderful earthly father, and my husband who is truly a gift to Henry, Catherine, and me.


Dena said...

Great pictures!! And you look awesome... as always!

skatieperdue said...

Congratulations Anna! I hope you're getting some rest and enjoying your sweet girl :) She's so beautiful! -Love, Scott and Katie