Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hotel Living

I have had several people wonder how in the world our young family is living in a hotel for half of the summer!! There are a few challenges.  But on a positive note, here are some really great things about living in a smaller space...

Our friends, the Hendersons, live directly across the hall. They have Caleb (almost three) and Josua James (7 months). How awesome to open your door and see these faces?!!

The hotel has a "free" breakfast bar... no  morning cooking for this mama!!

There is a pool, enough said! Need to wear out your kids fast? Even just thirty minutes down at the pool is a guarantee for some good naps/night sleeping:)

There is a cleaning service that comes every. day. It is amazing how much time and energy it takes off my plate to not have to clean. I use that energy to hang out with the sweet students and staff!

All of these things are great, but I think that the biggest blessing is living in (close) community with other families and students. I kind of wonder if Americans lose something by living in our big homes and neighborhoods away from each other.

What we are doing is not conventional, but it sure is a blessing!


Katie said...

so, when i read the title, i was thinking, "sounds like a nightmare." but then, somehow, in the course of your short post, you convinced me that we should JOIN you in hotel living this summer!!! sounds fabulous in the ways you listed! plus, we could hit the pool every day together :) oh, wait....i'm going to be incessantly nursing for the next couple months.... ;) good for you for thinking positively about your new living arrangements. can't wait to visit! xo

emereld said...

I totally agree with the last point. I think we should all live in such closer quarters. Especially for those of us who don't have families nearby.