Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On the road again

We Uzzells don't stay in one place too long. Its part of what we signed up for when we joined Cru. Even though it is expected to be gone for the summer,  I still can't wrap my mind around leaving in a week. I'm thankful that I am excited about where we will be though....

Photos of Charleston - Featured Images
This photo of Charleston is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We 're going to be near downtown Charleston with 50 students, 14 staff, and 6 children! The students come for 10 weeks (we'll be there 6 1/2),  get jobs, and we have the privileged of discipling them. One of the biggest things they will learn this summer is how to have a ministry in their workplace.

We've never been to a summer project where we can leave at 8 in the morning and arrive by lunch. So very thankful for that!

Catherine is 11 months (22 pounds), and has started saying "mama" , "dada," and "b" sounds. Still as active as ever and even learned how to get up all the stairs this month! She can also walk a little bit behind a walker. Next month will be a big month where she will turn 1 and Henry will turn 3!


The Stewarts said...

love pictures of your family!!! have a great time in charleston!!

Dena said...

You guys ARE on the road all of the time! :) Love the pictures and excited for your summer adventure!