Friday, June 28, 2013

Henry's third year

He was the one who made me a mother.

Most two month olds weigh what he did when he was born,

10 pounds 10 ounces

and he has continued to be on the "extreme" side ever since. When things are good, they are really good.

4 months old

But when things are bad.... 

Easter at 10 months

they are really bad. And that just about describes what this past year has been about.

one year old birthday party with a black eye

When he was one, I remember thinking that he could never be one of those kids that had huge tantrums. He was so sweet after all. 

19 months

And then two rolled around.

Soon after that birthday, I wrote this post. He was trying to figure out the world around him and where his boundaries lay.

I was trying to figure out life with two and what boundaries there SHOULD be.

There were many moments that were not pretty. Many moments were we both cried (actually probably all three of us.)

But, there were also moments where we laughed

Henry with cousin Griffin

and got glimpses of how God has created Henry




My prayer for this third year, is that we would continue to foster,



encourage Henry in growing up in this world

that is not his home....


Beth said...

So sweet. Love reading about him and can't believe he is already THREE!

Rachel Pelletier said...

Anna, I still love hearing all of your insight and wisdom on life! I just selfishly wish you were a little closer :) Miss you friend!