Sunday, April 25, 2010

Auburn shower!

These fun ladies hosted a shower for me yesterday! It was such a blessing to celebrate with good friends, food, and gifts!

Also, it was special to have Hank's mom and sister with us for the weekend! Thank you, Sally and Emily for making the looong trip here.


LWB said...

So his name is Henry??!! I love it! You look great, Anna. BARELY pregnant. My belly looked like at about, oh, 6 weeks in. :)

LB said...

you do look amazing, oh my word. Barely even a baby bump.

So sorry that I couldn't be there yesterday. John screams any time that we are in the car, so I am not yet brave enough to make that trip to Auburn:)

Amanda said...

You look great!! Looks like you had a fun group there. So sorry I couldn't make it :(

The Scott family said...

Anna, You look BEAUTIFUL! I'm so sorry I was out of town! :( Can't wait to meet Henry!

LB said...

Anna--we will be there on Thursday, and I really, really want to see you. Would you be free for lunch or anything. I think my hair appointment is at 11:00 AL time, so I could do lunch right after that. Anyway...let me know what works for you.