Monday, April 12, 2010

highlights from EA

We had a great vision trip to East Asia! Even though it was a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would post some highlights. To see why we went, see two posts below.

Seeing Hank experience Asia for the first time was so fun! It was great to see him in a place that I love. He was a trooper and definitely was indigenous for the week.

Hank learning Tai Chi when we went to class with the STINTERS (auburn alum who are there for the year).

Some of our vision trip in class

I got to spend some time with my good friend from college, Joy Jonas! She and her family of four are there for the year!

It was really great to see and hang out with good college roomates, Amy Rambo (who lives there now) and Katie Bartlett (who lives in Hong Kong)!

The college guys and Hank on the great wall.

Great Wall!

When we went to Beijing at the end of the trip, we got to hang out with our dear friends, Aaron and Hayley.

Another highlight was getting to spend time with the rest of the STINTER girls! They were very hospitable and I loved hearing how their year was going. Wish I had a picture, but its on our other computer!

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Dena said...

Such great pictures, love hearing about the trip!!